ATTENTION: colors and texture are just referencing, since there may be divergence between those presented on the computer screen and the actual products due to screen configurations. Using the fabric carton available from retailers to view and choose the correct color is highly recommended.


wooden finishes are gaining more and more space due to the versatility and the natural touch that it provides to your ambience. You can create sophisticated and versatile combinations.


Metalic finishes gives an urban and industrial air to the modern designs and a touch of creativity and daring for classic designs

Natural Fibers

Providing resistance and practicality to the finishes, our natural fibers are produced without harming the environment, granting sophistication and modernity for our designs.

Portuguese Straw Weave

With the purpose of increasing the sense of visual comfort and coziness to your ambience, the Portuguese Straw Weave grants a light, transparent touch to our designs. 


Buoyant textures and many combinations with a wide variety of colors allow the use of this material to scale our designs to a whole new level, with great durability.


Classic and sturdy, this material has been used for generations due to the touch, comfort and convenience of this material.

Bonded Leather

Reconstituted leather made of leather fibers and other vegetable agents combined to produce a material with a similar appearance, flexibility and resistance to leather but with less animal resources consumption. 


Made with high polyurethane technology, Pleather is a great alternative to leather, offering a wide range of colors and textures. This allows for the composition of unique, sophisticated and sustainable designs.


With a wide range of colors, textures and shapes, our printed fabric options are ideal to give your ambience a personal touch without giving up on comfort and practicality.


Jacquard was invented in the 18th century France, and since then has conquered the hearts of fashion and furniture designers and clients throghout the world. With detailed wefts formed by the individual interweaving of the threads, the Jacquard can be applied in different compositions and styles, from the most delicate to the most innovative and geometric patterns. 


Inspiring tenderness, with delicate colors and pleasing textures, linen coatings are ideal for those looking for a dash of warmth and sophistication in their ambiences. Can be used for small details or large covers, with lighter or darker shades.


Technological fabrics made from synthetic fibers with several options of texture and colors that enables you to portray your own personality in the ambience. 


Velvet is famous for the comfort and well-being it provides, with a soft touch and beautiful aesthetics. Available in various colors and textures, a velvet set can bring glamor and warmth to any environment


Combinating cottonwool and other fabricschenille’s highlights come from its comforting touch, soft and tender. Available in many colorscomposes versatile and elegant combinations. 


The fabrics have the power to bring more refinement and quality to the pieces, all with an air of modernity for their composition.

sustainable leather

El cuero sustenible se crea aprovechando los desechos del cuero. We have two options of this material, simulating walnut and palo fierro.


Melamines can be applied on tops and tables, simulating different types of wood with great fidelity and practical cleaning.


Byeplastic is the result of a technology for transforming recycled plastics. 100% recycled and recyclable, it’s easy to clean.