This is an very important year for us! We end a circle of celebrations, reflexions and memories of our four decades as Estofados Jardim, with a collection that illustrates and searches the essential in the return to the roots.

Now, it is time to think about the 4 decades ahead, planning each step!

That is the reason why this year is so special, because besides our search for essence in the roots of past, we turn an strategic look with the intent of planning the future of Estofados Jardim.

The project we prepared for this and the next five years was structured in the proposition of 3 basic values:

  • Deliver excellence in quality, prompt and variety.
  • Offer experience in product innovation.
  • Overcome the expectations of all our clients.

This values will be the path for future projects and investments, and the way in which we can bring many news that will root even more our relation!

The beggining… 
We were born as a small manufacturing business which made and repaired upholstery, like armchairs and sofas. Amidst much work and a humble heart, the dream came true and Onivaldo Stäheling and his partners founded Jardim.


First Fair’s Móvel Brazil 
First Furniture Fair – Móvel Brasil Despite the great struggle caused by the financial crisis of the 80s, we attended our first furniture big fair. After Móvel Brasil, our products had a wide acceptance and we opened new markets around the country. .

Company Scholarship Program and Jardim’s New Brand

In 1999, we achieved a lot. First, there was the launch of the Company Scholarship Program, which provided quality education for employees and their family. Then, we invested in marketing and the year was crowned with the release of the new Brand in a memorable event. 


Banana Tree Natural Fiber
In association with Corupá artisans (a small, agricultural town right next to Jaraguá do Sul), Jardim pioneered the use of natural banana tree fiber on industrial scale through a bold, innovative and synergetic deal. The project achieved great success, helping the economic development of the region and ensured eco-friendly product differentiation, generating value to the brand through sustainable creativity. 

Brand Positioning – Living the Amazements of Life
Differentiation and innovation are two aspects that Jardim holds dearly. Those values always took our company to a whole new level, positioning the brand with passion, emotion and great humanity. The Slogan “Living the Amazements of Life” was born, inspired by our culture and helped with the need to infuse meaning into our collections.


New Administrative Center 
A new era begins with the inauguration of our new Administrative Center, built to provide structure and space for expected growth in the upcoming years. The new Administrative Center also caters the need of a lofty hall, a majestic showroom and a grand workplace design.

Corporate Governance
Adriana Stahelin, Jardim’s beloved chairwoman started as a receptionist and climbed her way to the top by delving deep into the company administrative and operational routines, attaining knowledge in every process of the corporation, from purchases to logistic. Today, she runs the company with great competence, succeeding Onivaldo’s work with excellence. In this process, the company instituted Corporate Governance with the implementation of new processes, reaffirming its social responsibility and bringing even more maturity to the company without compromise the loving and nurturing essence which are trademarks of Jardim.


 We believe in hard work. Thanks to our commitment to improvement and evolution, we have a modern industrial park with more than 86.000 sq. ft. We provide armchairs, sofas and other kinds of upholstery throughout Brazil, Latin America, United States of America and Middle East.